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Video Rocker Chair

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Video Game Chair - Video Gaming Chair

The video rocker chair is perfect for you if you play a lot of video games or even for watching television. Many kids and adults don't know that video rocker chairs exist but those that use these gaming chairs are in seventh heaven. In fact those that do say their gaming performance has actually improved.  That could be for a lot of reasons. This gaming chair with speakers itself is so comfortable.  If you get one with head rests it supports the head and neck in such a way that you can play video games for a much longer time and without getting any headaches.  The body just feels good in the chair no matter what type of video game you're playing.

Once you actually sit in a video gaming chair and play a few games you will not want to ever play without it again.  It will be very hard to go back to sitting on the edge of the bed or on the edge of your couch once you sit in a gamechair.

If you're shopping around for a video rocker chair there are many types and styles to choose from. You can get cheap video game chairs too. A video rocker chair is also called a video game chair, video gaming chair, video rocker, video rocking chair, boom chair, sphere chair, gamepod chair, gamer chair, video game floor chair, rocker floor chair, sound video rocker chair, video bean bag, video foam rocker, video game sound lounger, multimedia video rocker, racer multimedia video rocker,  media chair and media furniture.  There are simple reclining types of video chairs, bean bag style media chairs, high back video gaming chairs, armless or with arms too, however most kids, teens and adults like them armless. Even the arms come in different widths and styles, etc.

Shopping online for a gaming rocker you'll get the best deal. Most local furniture stores have few if any at all media chairs. There are many more video rocking chairs online to choose from.

 When you shop online for a video gaming chair you're sure to find something you like with the hundreds of styles and types to choose from.  A wide range of colors, from blue, silver, black, red, even pink and much more.  There are smaller gaming chairs built for kids and then there are larger video rocker chairs for teens and adults. You can get video rockers with simple canvas, durable vinyl or upholstered. The fabrics can be breathable, have extra cushioning in the seat or back or be foam filled.  Make sure you look at a wide a variety of media chairs to get what you want.

Video Rocker Chair Features

Not all video rockers have the same features.  So make sure to note what features you're looking for and find a gaming chair that meets all your need and wants. Some of the features and components you'll find in a video rocker chair are:

  • Built in stereo speakers built into the chair-- these can give you the best sound experience. May give you rumble control so you can feel like you're inside the video game. These are two-way speakers and the sound can be felt through the whole body.
  • Low thundering subwoofers that even vibrates the seat. They distribute bass and start the vibrations.
  • Interactive vibrating motors - to give you motion.
  • Audio-out jacks - they are good for maximizing sound in a home theater.
  • iPod - mp3 - PSP input that lets you hook up iPods, mp3 players, TV and DVD and VCR players.
  • Vibration motors - will help make the feeling of moving while you're playing a video game.
  • Multi-player outputs - so multiple players can connect
  • Headphone jacks and headphones -these will keep all the video game noise and the action close
  • Backrest or adjustable headrest -- may be vibrating backrest with double layer mesh - give you support for the back and neck. Some have reversible headrests. This can relieve stress on the muscles in the back and neck and prevent headaches too.
  • Leg extensions.
  • Footrests - some have vibrating footrests.
  • Armrests - some have small armrests, some have large armrests, and most gaming chairs have no armrests.
  • Ergonomic design in many of the gaming chairs to prevent aches, pains and muscle strain and help make you more comfortable. Some advertise as being ergonomically designed and are not truly ergonomic.
  • Some video chairs can hold up to 300 pounds.
  • Rocker motion!
  • Some have stabilizers for stability.
  • Video chairs seat you at the perfect angle to your Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Nintendo and other video game consoles.
  • Some gaming chairs can fold up and easily be stored away, depending on the size of the chair. Some even have a carrying handle.
  • You can get a larger chair more similar to an upholstered chair with lots of foam filled cushioning or a simple fabric type foldable chair similar to a camp chair.
  • You may want a gamer chair that you can easily move around or from place to place.
  • Accessories that come with a video game rocker can hold a remote control, mp3 player, keyboards and steering wheels.
  • Some even have cup holders.
  • So why should you get a video rocker chair?
  • The video gaming chair is absolutely perfect and the best chair for playing video games on your Xbox 360, Playstation (PS3), Nintendo, wii, Nintendo DS, Gameboy or Game Cube.
  • Your gaming performance will improve.
  • It puts you immediately into the video world.
  • You can play for hours in this type of video gaming chair.
  • Most gaming chairs are built and designed to allow tilting and swiveling while you play video games.
  • Chairs are wireless so you can put it in any position that feels good for the best position to view and play your games from.
  • You can hook up mp3 players or DVD players and also enjoy watching movies or listening to cool music.
  • Perfect for TV and game rooms, entertainment rooms, family rooms, of course - your bedroom and even dorm rooms for those who are at college.
  • Perfect video gaming chair and video game racing chair for marathon gaming, luxury gaming, PS3 gamers and 360 gamers.

When a rocker gaming chair is shipped after you purchase online, they usually come pre-assembled, with step-by-step directions if necessary or you can out together in just a few minutes if it’s the smaller foldable type, with no tools needed.

Some of the more popular name brands and models for video game rockers are Ace Bayou, Pyramat pm220, Pyramat rocker, Pyramat Sound Rocker, The Original Video Rocker, fuf Sack, X rocker, Camo Trouper, LumiSource, Elite, American Furniture Alliance, Step2, Aptimise, Visiondecor Furniture, AK-200 Precise Racing Chair, Coaster, Dozy Dotes, Ultimate, Brookstone and there are many other game chair manufacturers and makers.

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When you're shopping for the ultimate gaming chair make sure to consider all who are going to be using the chair.  Can they get in and out of it easily enough?  Are they too tall for the chair you're thinking about? Are they too heavy for that particular chair? Is it the best video rocker chair for everyone in your house, apartment or condo who is going to be using it, etc?

Imagine this-- reclining in total comfort as you watch or play with a sound and light show with 3D stereo speakers and a vibrating motion!

So when you're ready to buy, shop around for the best deal online and you'll save a lot of money too.  You may want a cheap video rocker chair.  You should easily be able to find one for $30 or less.  Video rocking chairs can cost from $30 or so up to several hundreds of dollars at high end furniture stores or you can find them online-- actually a much better selection since most local furniture stores don't have them.

I asked a couple of furniture salesmen in one of our local stores if I could see their video chairs and he didn’t know what I was talking about. So not much help there. No furniture store would have the selection that I found online. The wide range of colors and styles. From cheap to expensive from small to large, from foldable to sturdy, from soft and comfy to more sturdy you can find the best video rocker chair for you online.

video rocker chairvideo rocker chairvideo rocker chair

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